A MUST WATCH VIDEO~A cheating housewife tricks her husband to save her lover.

All she needed was for him to come inside her once. Just once for it to be legit, for him to think it was really his.

As she lay beneath his thrusting form, she tried to moan like she was enjoying herself. In reality, his graceless thrusts did nothing to excite her and the lack of lubrication was beginning to hurt. She had tried to close her eyes to think of her lover, but each time her husband’s harsh movements forced her mind back to this unpleasant experience.


He was nothing compared to her lover. In fact, the whole reason she was in this mess was because they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. Whenever they were in the same room with each other, it was impossible for them to not touch each other. When he visited, they always made excuses to not be in the same room. It was safer for them that way.

When they were alone, however, they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. They had become accustomed to quickies anywhere and everywhere. It wasn’t unusual for him to have her bent over a bathroom sink, his hand firmly over her mouth to hide her screams as he took her from behind. More than once, he pressed her up against a wall someplace secluded, with her dainty legs wrapped around his hip as his gentle rocking teased her to climax. Her favorite was when he had visited her while her husband had stayed in the city after a night on the town. While her husband had been hung-over in a hotel, her lover had woke her up to a delicious breakfast before he made love to her all over the kitchen; on top of the island, spread out on the table, pressed up against the sliding door to the outside………Continue Reading On The next page Go Below Click>>>2