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Hi again! My name is Signe, a Swedish name pronounced Sigg-nee. I’m a 6′ tall woman, with long natural blond hair on both my head and my pussy. I don’t trim my pussy because men seem to be turned on when they see the natural blond curls down there.

After our first time swinging, we didn’t do it again for three months. I loved it more than John did. He didn’t mind it though and was open to doing it again. The problem was our friends Ted and Karen felt it was a mistake and, although they remained friends, they didn’t want to swap spouses again. I think it was because Karen felt like she got the short end of the stick (pun intended) because Ted’s cock is so big and my hubby John’s cock is so small, only four inches at full erection.

I still love John and always will but after experiencing Ted’s big cock, I told John I would prefer oral sex with him from now on. He wasn’t very good at that either but at least I kept him satisfied with frequent blowjobs whenever he got horny. I do love giving head and I’ve been told I’m very good at it…………….Full Story On The Next Page Go Below Click>>>2