Fucking the Hot Neighbor Next Door

Val woke up feeling so horny. She loved being married to Daniel even though he was twice her age. Daniel was loaded, and Val never had to worry about money or getting a job, which was her dream come true, but she was horny all of the time. Sure, she constantly cheated on him, but it started getting boring for her. Val needed a challenge; she just didn’t know what.

Time to describe Val, Val is a 5ft9in blonde White bombshell. She has a model figure with DD titties. She looked hot as hell, and she knew it. Since she was 14 years old Val could get any guy she wanted, and she loved it. She always had a boyfriend, and when she was bored with him she would find someone else. She continued like this until her mid 20’s when she realized that she needed to turn this into a permanent thing, so she married Daniel, who is a CEO of a gigantic pharmaceutical company. Life was good for Val. No children, husband who didn’t look great, but had a lot of money and was gone all of the time, left Val with so much time on her hands that she constantly cheated on her husband.

Anyways, back to the present, Val was sitting with her neighbor, Ameera. Ameera was a sweet Arab-Muslim woman, wearing the hijab. Val made sure not to look like a complete slut when she would visit Ameera for coffee. Ameera was the only neighbor that would invite Val to her home. All of the other neighbors worried that Val would try and seduce their husbands. But Val was not interested in any of her neighbors. They were all either old or out of shape.

Ameera was small, skinny, and decent looking. Val liked her personality, but Val knew that Ameera and her husband didn’t care about how they looked, because of their religious beliefs. The hijab made Val not even look at Ameera, and the long beard on her husband, Tarek, instantly put up a shield for Val.

Val and Ameera were drinking coffee and talking, when Tarek came in. Preoccupied from having just finished with his daily run, and wiping sweat off of his face, Tarek didn’t realize they had a guest…………READ more on the next page,Go below CLICK>>>2