I listen on the phone, as my wife gets fucked in a motel.

My wife, Brandie, and I, had planned to go out to a local swingers club and party on Saturday night. But as Saturday approached, I wasn’t feeling well, having a nasty head cold that made it difficult for me to breath. There was no way I could have stood the smoke filled, stuffy air of the club and enjoyed myself, sneezing, coughing, and blowing my nose constantly. Not to mention, that I just felt like shit!

So, I told her I couldn’t go. My wife asked me if it would be OK if she went without me. One of her girlfriends had planned to meet us at the club anyway, so she wanted to go, even if I couldn’t, and with her girlfriend there, she’d still have someone to party with.

I know that my wife, in a swinger’s club, not escorted by me, was no doubt going to get laid, if she wanted to! And I usually liked to be there and participate, when she was having sex with other men. But I relented and told her it was OK.

As we usually do, when we go to the club, which is in another city about 50 miles from our home, we had a reservation at a motel close by the club, so that we could take a cab back and forth and not have to drive after drinking. Thinking about the motel room, I hit upon an idea.

I told my wife, “If you hook up with a man, and want to fuck him, don’t do it in the club. Take him back to the motel to have sex. And it should be easy enough, when you get back in the room, for you to hit the button on your phone to dial mine, without him knowing it. Then when I answer it, I’ll mute my microphone so that he won’t hear anything coming over your phone speaker. Then lay your phone next to the bed and let me listen to the two of you having sex. The screen will go black as long as you’re not holding and moving the phone around, and he’ll never know that I’m listening. It’ll be pretty kinky!”

She listened to me, and then smiling and laughing, she responded, “You’re such a nasty, sick, kinky fucker, and I love you!”…………………………………CONTINUE READING THIS STORY ON THE NEXT PAGE …………….SIMPLY GO BELOW THIS PAGE CLICK PAGE 2 TO CONTINUE READING AND GET THE SEX TAPE..