Young woman loses virginity to “wrong” guy

It’s kind of strange, but the boy who took my virginity and gave me my first orgasm . . . I didn’t even like him very much at the start. His name was Mark, and to me just a high school kid who showed up at our house much too often. I was 20 at the time, still living at home with my mom and step-dad, and attending the local community college.

Mark was a friend of my step-brother, but in my mind, a bad influence on him. He was good looking enough, with dark eyes and hair—really quite well-developed for a kid of 18. I’m pretty tall, about 5-9, and he was a couple of inches shorter than me, but that didn’t seem to bother him at all. He was one of those know-it-all guys that we all remember as teenagers . . . or at least that’s the way he came across.

He came over to our house a few times looking for my brother, and when he wasn’t home, Mark and I would sit and talk. I finally decided he was an okay guy, and I got the feeling he was interested in me, too. Looking back on it, he was probably interested in my breasts (my body had sort of “exploded” at 17 and I was a DD) and the fact that I was an “older woman.” He probably enjoyed the thought of having me as one of his conquests.

But we also enjoyed talking to each other, and when he stopped by the house one evening, I guess all the stars were aligned just right for something to happen. I was feeling upset because my boyfriend had stood me up. We were supposed to go out that evening, and I was already dressed. I had put on a pair of tight jeans with a slinky pullover top covered with sequins. The top clung to my full breasts, which were accentuated by my sexy new bra. I was not wearing any panties because I didn’t want any lines to show through the tight jeans. A pair of knee-high boots caressed my calves and completed an outfit designed to get my guy’s motor running.

Only my guy didn’t show up that night. Mark did.

By the time Mark stopped by, I realized that I didn’t have anywhere to wear my sexy outfit, and I was feeling angry and sad and probably a bit needy. We talked for a while and his joking and kidding took my mind off my boyfriend, thankfully. Then he asked if I wanted to go out for awhile. I decided anything would be better than sitting around feeling sorry for myself, so I borrowed my parents’ car and the two of us went for a drive.

We stopped off to pick up some hard cider and drove over to a nearby park where we stopped in a secluded spot and began to enjoy our drinks. The alcohol warmed me as we sat there and drank and talked and flirted. And, of course, it wasn’t long before Mark moved over close to me and began to tease me with light little touches to my arm, my neck, then finally my cheek. He leaned his face close to mine and whispered to me as he brushed my light brown hair away from my face.

I remember wondering whether this guy, who was two years younger than I, was actually going to kiss me. And I didn’t have to wait long to find out. The answer was definitely yes. His lips were soft and moist and his kisses were urgent, as he pressed his tongue between my lips and explored my mouth. My lips had parted easily and naturally as he entered me, even though I knew in the back of my mind that I was cheating on my boyfriend. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING