Matheba Bonang & AKA reveals there are no kids on the cards for her

It’s no secret that AKA and Bonang Matheba have quickly become one of Mzansi’s favourite celebrity couple, with everyone being completely envious over their love affair.


Every time the lovebirds share a cute picture together or send a sweet shout out to each other- social media goes into a frenzy.

Fans across the country are undoubtedly waiting for AKA and Bonang’s big day, and secretly hope that they will one day have cute little babies.

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But don’t let your imagination get ahead of you, because Queen B has recently revealed that she does not plan on having children anytime soon.

“If I ever have a child, which is never, I know the right spot for a baby shower,” Bonang recently told her Metro FM co-hosts.

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When asked if she does not want to be responsible for another human being, Bonang said that her little brother is more than enough for her to handle at the moment.

“I have a little brother, I am good.”