My Hot Daddy Fucked Me Hard While Mom Was Fast Asleep

It was the middle of winter and our furnace had just broken. Having lost my job just two weeks earlier and it didn’t seem there could be anything else worse – especially living in Minnesota.

My daughter, who turned 18 just a few months back, was in her senior year of high school and was constantly clamoring about wanting a car. I felt bad we couldn’t afford it when I was working, now I was mortified to find out I couldn’t even provide my family a warm home.

I called a repairman, the “cheapest one in town” according to a friend and he gave me a reasonable rate to fix it – a reasonable rate if I was pulling in a paycheck.

No sense in sulking I thought. So I headed out fill out more applications. My wife, a life-long homemaker, had no marketable skills to speak of. I couldn’t blame her for not trying to find work.

Nope. It was up to me and I was damn sure determined to do so. I returned home four or five hours later after putting in numerous applications. Despite the problems, I felt good about things.

This was until my wife, Torii, told me only one of the small space heaters we owned was working. She wasn’t bummed and neither was Samantha, my daughter. We all figured we would just sleep in the same bed tonight with the one heater to stay warm.

We weren’t that broke that we couldn’t buy another heater until we could afford getting the furnace repaired.

Bedtime was just an hour away and we settled into a TV show. The only thing I was bummed about now was my wife whispering things into my ear that were getting me turned on.

“Shit, I thought. The one night in the last few weeks my wife has shown any signs of wanting to be intimate and it’s the night our daughter is sleeping with us.”

I tried to shrug it off and hopped into the shower – a cold shower – before bed. We all got into bed, chatted for a few minutes and my wife was the first to fall asleep. Sam and I chatted for a few more minutes in hushed tones before I went to sleep.

I fell off into a deep sleep and dreamt strange things – the type of thing one only dreams in a deep sleep. They say the things that are on your mind before you fall asleep are what you’ll dream about. Usually, though, all those things you are thinking about turn into a distorted, twisted dream.