Plumber provides additional service By Plumbing Client’s Pussy

I had this job of replacing old galvanised pipes at an old property. The pipes had been slowly corroding and blocking for years and the owner was finally tired of the trickle of water he got. He wanted copper pipes throughout.

Replacing old pipes with copper is a relatively easy job. The only labour intensive bit is digging the trench from the initial stopcock to the house and a practiced plumber could do that without even raising a sweat. After that it was a case of crawling under the house and poking about inside the walls to replace all the internal pipes. Simple enough but it could be time consuming.

I’d fronted up nice and early, warned the owner he’d be without water for half the day, and got to work. Now the owner had assured me that the lack of water would not be a problem, mainly because he and his wife were going to work. It turns out he forgot to tell his daughter, Sally.

She knew I was there. No problems in that area. She just hadn’t realised that there would be no water. With no school or work for that day she’d slept in and when she got up she wanted a shower. No water.

She wasn’t dumb. She put ‘no water’ together with ‘plumber’ and knew I was to blame and came whining to me about needing water for a shower. I looked at her, sniffed rather obviously, and agreed that she needed a shower but the water had to stay off.

She gave me a furious look and stormed off. Ten minutes later she was back, whining that there was no water for coffee. She needed her coffee. I gave her directions to the nearest Starbucks and went on with my work.

She was back with another whining complaint a few minutes later. Why couldn’t I just turn on the water for a few minutes. Ah, because it would come spurting out of this pipe I’m holding in my hand, making it hard for me to connect it………………Continue Reading This Story On The Next Go Below Click>>>2