New Johannesburg Church Allows Members To Have Sex Inside

An up and rising church in Johannesburg has become popular for promoting free love in the church. This expression of freedom in a house of worship has seen the number of attendants doubling over the past few months.

The worshippers believe bonking is just part of their praise to God for creating such a beautiful thing.
“I struggle to believe why men and women feel so ashamed when it comes to sex. God created it and it’s just one of the ways you can praise Him!” the head pastor of the church Reynold Maponyana says with a laugh.

When we asked him how such a revelation came to him Reynold calmly told us that it is the natural order of things and only those with spiritual eyes can see this simple truth.

Upon interviewing the other church members we discovered that people are coming all over South Africa to attend this church. Some come as far as Cape Town to be a part of the small congregation

“The church is overflowing and plans are underway to built a bigger one. Unlike other churches we don’t want people’s money here. We don’t demand that people give us their money” Maponyana boasts of his church.

Most attendees are well to do people and you even get members from different racial backgrounds. The aspect that they don’t have to feel ashamed about their sexual needs makes it easier for them to come.

Pastor Maponyane plans to take his church to other cities like Pretoria and Durban