Lady EXPOSES Pastor who is having SEX with a 16-year-old (SEE PICS)

A young lady identified as Princess Oritsema Ekwejunor, has just taken to her Facebook handle to reveal the evil practices of her ‘pastor’ husband who has not only turned her into a punching bag but also finds joy in sleeping and impregnating 16-year-old girls.

Omasan Mabiaku and his wife, Princess on their wedding day.

Princess took to her Facebook handle to post pictures of her physically abused by her husband with the caption: “Mr Omasan Mabiaku marriage is not by force I have left you over a month due to your constant violence, torture but this is the end, you pretend to the world you are a pastor only bcoz you are now broke, election is over and the aspirant you blackmail and duped is no longer there for your extortion. You lavished money buying cars and impregnating 16yrs old girls, I married you with just two children now you gave me extra 6. CLICK HERE TO SEE PICS

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