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Karen Nelson sighed and laid down the red pen she’d been using to grade papers and stretched her back. It was Friday and the clock on the back wall of the rectangular shaped classroom read five fifteen. School had been out for more than an hour and the custodians had already been into her room. She would probably be the last one to leave the building, which wasn’t unusual any more. The thirty-eight-year old woman looked out over the empty room and desks and an unbidden thought came to mind as she looked at the desks.

In her mind’s eye she could see the young boys that sat in the desks throughout each school day. Many of them, who were all seniors, were very handsome and she had noticed them, on several occasions, staring at her – especially her long, slender legs and well-rounded ass. For her it was a huge compliment because of her age and the fact that many of her girl students were very sexy. To have good-looking teen boys staring at her body in a way that more than suggested they would love to fuck her was extremely flattering to the older woman. She was after all nearly fifty and, while she wasn’t a bad looking woman, she was still much older than any of her male students.

Much of Karen’s problem was her husband. Frank had never been a good lover; she seldom had an orgasm and every time he made love to her, she had to finish what he started. Like that morning when he woke her up with the head of his cock brushing the lips of her pussy. Before she was even half awake, Frank’s tongue was in her mouth and his cock pushing into her pussy. And, before five minutes were up, he was unloading his seed into her, then rolling out of bed to take a shower. As always, Karen took care of business when it was her time to shower. Sex with Frank just left her unsatisfied and frustrated. And, she had to admit, the love that had once been there, was gone. They were just going through the motions these days.

She sighed and pushed away from the desk. She walked to the cloakroom at the back of the room, opened the door and stepped inside. It was a narrow room about twenty feet long and five feet wide with hooks on each side to hang up coats. It was the middle of March and mornings were sometimes cool enough to wear a light jacket or sweater. She’d hung her sweater at the end of the room and walked to it without turning on the light. With the door open she could see well enough to walk the short distance and retrieve her sweater.

Suddenly it became very dark. Someone had shut the door. Karen frowned. She hadn’t heard anyone enter her classroom. Maybe it was one of the custodians checking the rooms before leaving for the day. As she was about to turn around, she felt arms encircle her waist and hands begin to caress her flat tummy.

“W-Who’s t-there?” she stuttered with shock.

“Shhhhh, Mrs. Nelson.” The voice in her ear was a low whisper and she couldn’t place its owner. “Just relax. I’m not going to hurt you.”

“W-What do you want?”

“Just be cool.”

Karen tried to identify the voice but she couldn’t since the whisper was low and difficult to distinguish. Whoever it was had to be a student because she could detect a youthful sound to the whispering voice. And she had seven different classes of seniors that she taught history to, an average of thirty students per class and roughly half were male. She was at a loss as to who was holding her in the dark cloakroom.

The hands slid slowly up until she felt her breasts being cupped. The student’s hands began to gently roll her heavy 40D tits, pushing them together, pressing on them. She could hear his breath in her ear, shallow and course with excitement. His fingers unbuttoned her blouse, slowly; one button at a time then removed it and dropped the garment on the floor at her feet. Then his hands were on her tummy, softly caressing her skin, the fingertips moving in tiny circles on her bare skin, sending shivers coursing easily up her spine.

“Please…” Karen sucked in a deep, tremulous breath. “I’m a teacher. You can’t do this.”

The student didn’t respond. Instead, he abruptly unclasped her bra and quickly removed it, sending it to the floor on top of the blouse he’d taken off her. His hands cupped her heavy breasts again and toyed with them. She gasped when his fingers began teasing her hardening nipples, pinching and pulling the fat, hard nubs. In spite of herself, Karen moaned. It felt deliriously wonderful. Still, this was a student and to get caught making love to a student, regardless of age, would be cause for immediate dismissal.

“Please, if someone catches us-”

“Shhhhh. Everyone’s gone, Mrs. Nelson,” he whispered in her ear.

Karen let out a soft cry as he suddenly pinched her nipples hard. It hurt, yet felt wonderful at the same time. She could feel her resolve evaporating by the minute as the young man behind her continued to love her tits. She leaned back a little and felt his hard cock press against her ass. It felt very long and fat and snuggled nicely in the groove of her cheeks.

“Can you feel my cock?”

“Yesssss!” she whimpered.

“Do you like it?”

“It’s…it’s very nice,” she murmured. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING