The Financial Confessions: “I Earn More Than My Boyfriend, And I Hate It”READ MORE HERE!!

“I’ve been in a relationship for the last three and a half years with a truly wonderful guy whom I love with all my heart. He’s funny, smart, handsome, and gets me in a way not even my closest friends do. I can spend a whole night with him on a park bench, drinking wine out of the bottle and talking shit, or I could go to an elegant dinner with one of our families and watch him dazzle everyone at the table. I fell in love with him because of his quick and wonderful mind, and it is still the reason I love him today, even though things are, objectively, not working.

When we met, we were both in college, him in grad school and me in undergrad. He was finishing up his Master’s in American History, and I was in the last semester of my Bachelor’s in communications. We both used to joke all the time that we would be broke all our lives because neither of us were going to be able to find a job, but we were madly in love and didn’t imagine that our mutual broke liberal arts-ness would be that much of a problem. At the time, we were going to a college in Georgia and even though we were both college students on loans from middle-class families, our lifestyle was more “artsy” and less “broke.” We went out a lot to cheap bars or to friends’ houses, and spent nine months out of the year hanging out outside……………READ More on the next page,Go Below This Page,CLICK>>>2