Top 10 Ways to Protect Yourself from HIV and Help Stop Spreading the Incurable Virus

HIV/AIDS has infected more than 734 million people worldwide in 2016 and 3.4 million are less than 15 years of age. HIV/AIDS is a pandemic and continues to spread without any guarantee of cure or vaccine at this time. Know the ways to protect yourself and help stop HIV spread to others.

1. Sexual Abstinence

One of the most effective methods to prevent transmission of HIV infection is to refrain from sexual activity. Although difficult to most men and women who want children, it is mostly covered by religious, social norms or some laws depending on your territory. Abstaining from sexual intercourse greatly reduces the risk of getting HIV infection and if not possible, take precautions such as safe sex to protect you from the virus.

2. Avoid Multiple Sexual Partners

Having more than one sexual partner can increase the risk of HIV infection. HIV can be asymptomatic or showing no signs at all for several years which you are risking yourself from getting exposed to individuals who doesn’t know if they have HIV or not.

3. Safe Sex Always

Condoms are cheap and sometimes free from health centres which being promoted to protect oneself from HIV and other sexually transmitted infection. Consistent use of condom reduces transmission of HIV and STDs even between a HIV-free and HIV-positive couples. In addition, two HIV-positive couples who consistently use condoms reduces multiple HIV strain transmission to each other……………..READ more on the next page,Go below This Page CLICK>>>>2

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