Why Every Man Living On Earth Must Marry A Virgin

Three years ago she walked down the aisle, dressed in a long white dress with her face glowing under a veil and he, in a tuxedo.

Confetti was flying, and everyone was cheering and celebrating at the wedding. Now they are both contemplating living separately and may even divorce. No one thought this could happen.

It was a time of ululating when they tied the knot, needless to say that the two had become one flesh, but little had Tawanda Bhaureni (27) (not real name) known that his wife, Cynthia (26) had a secret she had not told him.

Marriage involves making one’s life the definition of service in living for the other.

It entails setting aside childish shortcomings, avoidance of responsibility and foolish distractions and striving to emulate the perfect love.

It is sad to see any marriage run into trouble and break up.
But it is particularly a sad phenomenon that an increasing number of married young adults who have been born and raised especially in this age of a global village are having serious marital problems.

Throughout history, a woman’s virginity has been her prized possession and all cultures across the world have placed a high value on it.

But it seems times are changing in rapid succession from one generation to another and for an increasing number of young men and women, sex is now top priority in their relationships.

And much to our older generation’s chagrin, pre-marital sex is a definite reality of our times.

In more conservative African, Asian and Latin American societies, premarital sex is a vice, vehemently prohibited as such behaviour is either too sacred or too accursed for those unmarried to undertake.

Fornication is a more general term usually referring to any kind of sexual misconduct or sexual impurity outside the bounds of marriage.

In this case, Tawanda vents his anger and fury over the lies that he has been told by Cynthia. When the pair tied the knot, Cynthia had her face covered by a white veil, acknowledgement that she was a “virgin”.

“I have insecurity in this marriage because I had trusted that she was telling me all in earnest. At times I just feel that if she tells me I am pregnant I won’t be responsible because her lies gave room to that mistrust,” said a composed Tawanda………………..Continue Reading This On The Next Page Go below CLICK>>>2

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