Wedding Day Revenge — Sex with my worst enemy’s husband on her wedding day.

I couldn’t believe that I was watching them get married. My best friend, the love of my life was marrying another woman and here I was watching it all happen and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Our situation was a complicated one, we were best friends all our life and eventually our friendship blossomed into something more. The problem however was he had a girlfriend. I hated her so much because not only was she in Michael’s life but he would constantly complain to me about her. She was always arguing with him and putting him down. She never wanted to have sex with him either and that frustrated him to no end. However even though I was just his mistress we ended up falling in love. We were there for each other through so many trials and tribulations that we could never imagine life without the other.

One day while we were having sex his phone accidentally dialed Kate’s number and she heard everything. She heard me screaming his name, begging him to fuck me harder, she heard him telling me that he loved how wet my pussy got for him and she heard when we both climaxed. She hung up and then called him back letting him know what she heard. He got up and ran outside telling her how sorry he was for cheating on her. He left without even saying goodbye to me. I was so angry that even though she treated him so badly and refused to have sex with him, he still ran to her every time she called, like a little puppy dog……READ more on the next page,go below this page,CLICK>>>2