What are these small white bumps around the head of your penis?

Many times, when a lump or bump crops up “down there”, you imagine the worst. It’s natural to assume that a symptom in the genital area is caused by an STD, but that’s not always the case. There are many different skin changes that can occur in the genital region. Some can be caused by harmful conditions, while others are harmless. Common skin problems that concern men include bumps or pimples on the penis, rashes, and sores.

Rash on Penis Head and Shaft Causes and Treatment

A rash on penis, penile shaft, head or glans can be a sign of an STD, irritation or even allergic reaction. Itchy penile rashes can occur on different parts, including the base, on the scrotum, shaft or head. Infections and irritation can produce a white or red rash. Here are the causes and treatment of spots on penis, bumps and blisters.

  • When caused by an underlying disease, a rash on penis will be accompanied by other symptoms.
  • Male genital rash or pubic rash is generally caused by skin irritation as well as some infections.
  • “Blisters on penis, sores, or ulcers, especially in the groin or genital area are usually a symptom of sexually transmitted diseases or infections (STDs/STIs).

Although some bumps and rashes can be temporary and clear on their own, penile rashes that won’t go away should be reported to the doctor. Any other signs such as discharge from the penis should also be warning signs of an infection. See a doctor immediately for checkup and treatment…………READ more on the next page,go below this page CLICK>>>2