Why Pornography Can Be Good Or Bad For Couples’ Sex Life

Many people have had issues with the fact that their partners are way too involved with pornography, and it is usually women who are more uncomfortable with this.

There are a lot of reasons why women worry that their partners love, or are even obsessed with porn. This is not an unfounded worry as there are several reasons why pornography might not be the best thing for a couple’s sex life.

1. Porn is Not Real: A lot of people often forget that pornography is not a realistic depiction of what sex should be. These are actors playing a part and if one becomes extremely obsessed with watching such content, then definitely, they would expect their real sex lives to work the same way. Since this is obviously an impossibility, the porn-obsessed person is left feeling dissatisfied with his sex life and even resentful of his partner. This does not lay a strong foundation for the best relationship.

2. Sexual addiction: It is believed that addiction to porn is only one step away from addiction to sex. We can see why a lot of people share this opinion. While the jury is still out on whether or not sexual addiction is a real health affliction, we cannot overlook the fact that some people will swear that there is something so much more wrong with their partner other than just plain love for sex. As a fallout from the first point, a man who becomes addicted to porn can easily become a sex addict since his main focus would be trying to find the kind of sex or sexual partners experienced on screen. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING

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